The most profitable,                                                          for your business?

course idea

If you’ve been wanting to introduce an online course to your product suite, but you’ve struggled to come up with THE idea that’ll have your audience scrambling for their wallets...

spell binding course idea


are you ready to unearth

Then Course Topic Alchemy is the epic elixir you’ve been searching for.


Course Alchemy

[kɔ-rs ˈæl-kə-mi]

noun: the science + art of changing ordinary course ideas into pure gold.

hold up...

Let me dust off my crystal ball and see if I can read your mind...

You have no clue how to turn what you know into a course. You know you can deliver incredible results, but you’re not sure how to teach people to get there on their own.

You’re worried you’ll create a course that doesn’t deliver on its promises, and your worst nightmares are made up of unhappy clients, bad reviews, and refund requests.

You don’t know what you don’t know, and you’re worried about missing that secret element that turns a meh course into a golden one.

You’ve been pumping the breaks on your ideas because you’re not sure what your audience will actually pay for or how much to charge for a course.

You desperately want to create a course you feel confident in, so you can show up with BLE (big launch energy) knowing you’re selling something that gets real results.

ditch that overwhelm and finally...

what if you could

Uncover your golden course topic

The one that makes you feel excited to create and launch your course with the confidence of Moira Rose rocking her newest wig?

Validate your idea before you create

So you know you’ve created a course that your audience is craving the way they crave that first cup of morning coffee?

Price your course for profit

In a way that makes your course a no-brainer investment for learners, but still leaves you feeling compensated for all your hard work?

introducing the


into a profitable, in-demand course idea that’ll leave your clients spellbound 

transforming your zone of genius 

(and craving more)

Your secret elixir to transforming 

Like so many of us in the online space, I’ve taken my fair share of courses — some good, some bad, some downright terrible. I knew I didn’t want that to be the experience for any of my students! I had taken enough courses to know what I like and don’t like, but I knew there would be things that fell through the cracks.

 When I came across this course, it was exactly what I was looking for. It helped guide me through every step of the way and left no stone unturned. Not only do I feel like I created a high-value course, but the confidence I have in selling it is priceless.

“This was exactly what I was looking for”

—Kara Duncan, The KARA Report (Reviewing The Course Alchemist)

Just like alchemy, there’s an art and a science to creating good courses.

Dissolve the myths around                  

And if you’re serious about coming up with a transformational, just-what-your-client-needs course, then 

that shows you exactly how to:

Find the best fit for a course in your product suite, so you can serve your audience and your business goals

Create a course your audience actually wants and learn to speak their language when creating + selling it

Turn an ordinary idea into gold without overwhelming your learners with unnecessary info

Take the guesswork out of pricing your courses with a proven method that doesn’t rely on inflating value


course creation

you need SO much more than some coach

telling you “here’s what worked for me, let’s see if it works for you.

What you really need

is a step-by-step system

Course Topic Alchemy

what's included in

Learn the many ways courses can transform your business

so you can set goals and start thinking about how you want to show up and serve with a course

module 1

Transform Your Business with Courses

($249 Value)

Find the perfect place for courses in your product suite 

(no matter your niche or industry) so you can make sure whatever you create supports your bigger business goals

Learn about the 5 most common types of courses

in the online learning industry so you can weigh the pros and cons of each

Pick the best type of course

for your skills, goals, and learners’ needs

Get crystal clear on who you want to help with your course

and make predictions about what learners are looking for and how you can best serve them

module 2

Conduct Analysis

($249 Value)

Conduct and analyze market research (the overwhelm-free way)

so you can turn those predictions into evidence that guides your course creation (not to mention your positioning and marketing)

Validate your ideas

and pivot where needed so you can have full confidence that you’re creating something that people can’t wait to pay money for

Refine your course topic and name

so you can make informed decisions about what should (and shouldn’t) be included in your framework and outline


But you’ll also get these

To help you feel even more confident in your course idea and help you create + launch it with ALL the ease.

Never second guess how much you should charge for your course-based programs ever again! This tool will provide you an accurate projection of how much you should charge for your course. Valued at $97, this bonus alone outweighs the cost of this entire mini course.

bonus one

The Course Pricing Tool

Course Topic Alchemy is packed with resources you can dive into right away to start developing your course, including:

  • How to Use Courses in Your Business & Different Types of Courses Cheat Sheet ($47 VALUE)
  • The Course Pricing Tool ($97 VALUE)
  • Course Creation Checklist ($27 VALUE)
  • Market Research Plan ($47 VALUE)
  • Market Research Template ($47 VALUE)
  • Social Media Market Research Planner ($47 VALUE)
  • Course Topic Worksheet ($47 VALUE)
  • Name Your Course Worksheet ($47 VALUE)

bonus training

The Alchemist’s Toolkit Bundle

spellbinding bonuses


ALL of this magic is just a click away:

Course Topic Alchemy Mini-Course ($498 VALUE)

✔ BONUS: How to Use Courses in Your Business & Different Types of Courses Cheat Sheet ($47 VALUE)
✔BONUS: The Course Pricing Tool ($97 VALUE)
✔ BONUS: Course Creation Checklist ($27 VALUE)
✔ BONUS: Market Research Plan ($47 VALUE)
✔ BONUS: Market Research Template ($47 VALUE)
✔ BOUNS: Social Media Market Research Planner ($47 VALUE)
✔ BONUS: Course Topic Worksheet ($47 VALUE)
✔ BONUS: Name Your Course Worksheet ($47 VALUE)

HOLY $@!% — I’M SO IN!


TODAY’S PRICE: ONE payment of $37

You’re going to make some serious magic — and that’s a                          



We’re so confident that The Course Topic Alchemy will help you come up with an incredible, highly profitable course idea that it’s backed by the Dreampro Money-Back Guarantee.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with this mini-course after 7 days, we wouldn’t feel comfortable keeping your money and will gladly refund you every penny.

Hey, Dreamer!                          

In case we haven't met yet, I’m pretty much the unicorn of the entrepreneurial space. I’m the owner of Dreampro, the first-choice course creation agency for entrepreneurs and small businesses that could use a magical hand to design binge-worthy courses that make their clients come back for more.

I have a decade of experience designing jaw-dropping programs for Fortune 50 companies, non-profit organizations, small businesses, keynote speakers, and entrepreneurs in almost every single industry.

Which is all a very fancy way of saying that I’m an expert in helping you turn your genius ideas into profitable, dreamy courses.

I’ve bottled up everything I know about coming up with truly transformative course ideas into Course Topic Alchemy— because I know that every entrepreneur has a high-value, high-impact, highly-profitable course idea inside of them.

If you’re ready to package up your special brand of magic into a course, then Course Topic Alchemy is your fast pass to getting it out of your head and into the hands of your learners in no time flat.  Let’s make some course magic!

I'm Ariel



With Course Topic Alchemy

you will:

  • Discover the essential elements of a golden course idea
  • Come up with a course idea that you feel excited to create and sell
  • Validate your course idea with overwhelm-free market research
  • Know exactly how to price your course for profitability
  • Start creating your course with the confidence that it’ll be in-demand

It’s all waiting for you inside course topic alchemy.


They thought so, too until they

took a chance on

Seems too good to be true?

Course Topic Alchemy

“Is this mini course for me?”

You tell me, dreamer — does this sound like you?

  • You’re a business owner or entrepreneur who wants to create a profitable, in-demand digital course
  • You want to serve more people and bring your ideas to the masses
  • You’re struggling to turn your expertise into a course idea
  • You care about delivering real results (and making serious bank is the cherry on top)
  • You’re finally ready to take all of those sticky notes + journal scribbles and uncover the perfect course topic that’s hiding within them


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this only $37? What’s the catch?

Okay, let’s address the elephant in the room. I know that I could be charging way more than just $37 for this product, but my only goal is to help you come up with the most profitable and transformative course idea for your business and audience. If you ask me, the world needs more quality courses — and that’s exactly why I created Course Topic Alchemy in the first place.

How long will it take me to come up with a course idea?

You get immediate access to Course Topic Alchemy after buying, which means you can dive in right away. You could have your course idea nailed down by tomorrow!
Yes! It is typical for clients to book a few months in advance to secure a spot.

How do I access the mini-course?

Immediately after purchase, you will receive an email granting you access. If you have any technical issues, please contact support at

What if I change my mind — can I get my money back?

We’re so confident that Course Topic Alchemy will help you come up with an incredible, highly profitable course idea that it’s backed by the Dreampro Money-Back Guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with this mini-course after 7 days, we wouldn’t feel comfortable keeping your money and will gladly refund you every penny.

I honestly don’t know how to start turning my knowledge into a course. Will this help?

Absolutely. If you’ve never created a course before, or are pivoting from a service-based business, it can be tricky to know where to start. But this entire mini-course is dedicated to helping you discover the best possible course for your business and where it belongs in your product suite.

I already have a course. Will this help me make it better?

Course Topic Alchemy is all about helping you come up with a course idea, and then price that course for profit. If you’re not looking to add another course to your product suite, it likely isn’t the right fit for you. You’d get much more out of our full program, The Course Alchemist.

I’m brand new to business. Can I start with a course?

You bet. Both brand new and seasoned entrepreneurs can use Course Topic Alchemy to come up with a profitable course idea.