Courses doesn't have to feel this

creating truly

Introducing The Course Alchemist, your secret elixir to creating courses that deliver extraordinary transformations and leave your clients spellbound.

Course Alchemy

[kɔ-rs ˈæl-kə-mi]

noun: the science + art of changing ordinary course ideas into pure gold.

be honest...

How many times have you been let down by a                                            

shitty course

You come across a business owner who totally speaks your language. They know your pain points inside out, their stories are giving you tons of a-ha! moments and they’ve even got the follower count to back it all up. “Seems like they really know their sh*t,” you think to yourself.

We’ve all heard the course horror stories, and maybe even have a handful of our own to tell. 

So you bite the bullet and purchase their program, fully believing that it’s going to get you the results you crave so you can move your business forward.



You log in to the course... and it’s a total letdown. As you skim through the course portal, you’re immediately underwhelmed.

 Are just an extension of the free content you’ve practically memorized by now. 

turns out the "secrets" you were promised

Long story short, you move on to things that are actually worth your time… and the course gets filed away in the internet abyss of lost logins.

It’s time to  

of course creation

enter a new realm

If you’re here, I’m willing to bet that you’re sick and tired of all this course catfishing — and you’re determined to do things differently.

You don’t just want to create a course for the sake of creating a course. You want to deliver a transformative, spellbinding experience for your clients.

But uh… where the heck do you start?



hold up...

Let me dust off my crystal ball and see if I can read your mind...

You have no clue how to turn what you know into a course. You know you can deliver incredible results, but you’re not sure how to teach people to get there on their own.

You’re worried you’ll create a course that doesn’t deliver on its promises, and your worst nightmares are made up of unhappy clients, bad reviews, and refund requests.

You don’t know what you don’t know, and you’re worried about missing that secret element that turns a meh course into a golden one.

You’ve been pumping the breaks on your ideas because you’re not sure what your audience will actually pay for or how much to charge for a course.

You desperately want to create a course you feel confident in, so you can show up with BLE (big launch energy) knowing you’re selling something that gets real results.

Course creation isn’t your                            

let's make something crystal clear:


(And that’s okay. You shouldn’t expect it to be.)

If you’ve been listening to most coaches, it’s easy to believe that course creation is 

“a simple elixir of an idea, an outline, and some slides…”

“But don’t forget to pack TONS of content in there, while also inflating the value so you can charge a premium price…”

“Oh, and you should also sell your course before you actually create it.”

“Simple, right?”

Ummm… what? 

It’s no wonder you’re so overwhelmed and confused!

Just like alchemy, there’s an art and a science to creating good courses.

It’s time to dissolve the myths  around                  

And if you’re serious about coming up with a transformational, just-what-your-client-needs course, then you need SO much more than some coach telling you “here’s what worked for me, let’s see if it works for you.”

What you really need is a step-by-step system that shows you exactly how to:

Find the best fit for a course in your product suite, so you can serve your audience and your business goals

Create a course your audience actually wants and learn to speak their language when creating + selling it

Turn an ordinary idea into gold without overwhelming your learners with unnecessary info

Take the guesswork out of pricing your courses with a proven method that doesn’t rely on inflating value


course creation

We've got just the thing

We’ve concocted an epic elixir for creating truly transformational courses and bottled it up inside one mind-blowing program.

the course alchemist



We’re altering the state of the

course creation industry

Here’s what makes The Course Alchemist so different from any course creation program you’ve seen before:

The methods & steps taught in The Course Alchemist are informed by a nearly decade-long career in the learning and development industry and have been used to build hundreds of courses across a huge variety of industries.

It was created by an instructional designer.

The core content of The Course Alchemist is focused on helping you create a truly transformational course. While we do include bonuses to help you launch and sell, our priority is helping you create a course you’re confident in and that your learners LOVE.

It focuses on building a quality course.

Unlike a live program that gets dripped out over time, you get immediate access to the entire self-study course. We’ve even included a 6-week and a 3-month roadmap, so you can work your way through the course on your schedule.

It’s guided by your schedule, not ours.


Ariel breaks down each aspect of creating the course of your clients’ dreams. I have not seen a course filled with so much invaluable information; from the type of course your client needs, to the exact method of creating the content that will make them grateful they chose your course. If you’re looking to create a course or revamp your existing course, Dreampro has the course to help you alchemize your brand.

“I have not seen a course filled with so much invaluable information.”

— Racheal of golden flourish, Certified Wellness Advisor

The Epic 

I’m revealing Dreampro’s signature and proven step-by-step methodology. No more, no less. From analysis to design through evaluation, your courses will become the exact solution your ideal clients need with the transformation they're looking for.

the magic code


We don’t just talk the talk — we walk the walk, too. 

The Course Alchemist recently went through a Dreampro Certified makeover, so we could turn an already incredible program into the only course creation course you’ll ever need.

In addition to the CODE framework, you’ll have access to exclusive resources that I’ve refined and used over the last decade to create high-quality, high-impact courses. These tools will help you enhance your productivity and efficiency when it comes to course creation.

The Alchemist Toolkit

Now that you've created the course of your clients' dreams, knowing how to market your course and share it with the masses is crucial. That’s why we’ve given you an entire bonus module on launching your course, including lessons from the Five-Figure Launch Queen herself, Taylor Slango.

Course Launch Cauldron

Here's what you'll


Pick your course creation pathway so you can get the most out of TCA and build your course on a timeline that works for you and your schedule

Learn about The Dreampro Certified Standards of Excellence, so you understand what it takes to create a high-quality, high-impact, binge-worthy course

module 1

Becoming a Course Alchemist

Understand the four learning styles, so you can create a course that’s accessible and loved by ALL of your future learners

Uncover our signature CODE to Course Creation so you can work your way through TCA knowing exactly what to expect (with zero overwhelm)

Learn the many ways courses can transform your business so you can set goals and start thinking about how you want to show up and serve with a course

Find the perfect place for courses in your product suite (no matter your niche or industry) so you can make sure whatever you create supports your bigger business goals

module 2

Transform Your Business with Courses 

Learn about the 5 most common types of courses in the online learning industry so you can weigh the pros and cons of each

Pick the best type of course for your skills, goals, and learners’ needs

Get crystal clear on who you want to help with your course and make predictions about what learners are looking for and how you can best serve them

Conduct and analyze market research (the overwhelm-free way) so you can turn those predictions into evidence that guides your course creation (not to mention your positioning and marketing)

module 3

Conduct Analysis 

Validate your ideas and pivot where needed so you can have full confidence that you’re creating something that people can’t wait to pay money for

Refine your course topic and name so you can make informed decisions about what should (and shouldn’t) be included in your framework and outline

Create your course goals and objectives so you know exactly what transformation you’re moving learners towards

Develop a signature framework that positions you as an expert, showcases your unique skills + genius, and helps your learners stay on track

module 4

Outline the Framework

Design your course outline without it turning into a massive, scattered brain dump of ideas

Decide whether to include a community element based on the core transformation you’re helping learners achieve

Learn how to turn your outline into an actual course without getting overwhelmed (hint: we don’t start creating slides right away!)

Discover the most important thing to include in every single lesson to make sure students keep moving forward and making progress

module 5

Develop the Course

Create a polished presentation that makes your course look high-quality and totally legit, even if you have limited design experience

Map out your supplemental resources with intention so you can help your learners achieve their transformation even faster and with more ease

Select your spellbinding bonuses so you can elevate your program

Choose your course platform with an easy-to-use comparison tool (because researching via Google University is a total waste of time)

Brand and upload your course materials so you deliver a totally on-brand, totally professional client experience across all learner touch points

module 6

Execute & Evaluate

Learn how to capture learner feedback so you can collect unbelievable testimonials, boost completion rates, and get valuable insights to continually improve your course

Add automations to your course that allow you to deliver an even better learner experience with absolutely zero added work

Learn when and why to update your content so you always make sure you’re delivering relevant and timely info for your learners (and keep making $$$$ from your course!)

Meet Hayley David

Founder & CEO of Money Rebel 

“I had no idea how to create a course and I kept procrastinating and putting it off. Thanks to The Course Alchemist, it made the creation process so easy.

I have also been able to create a course that will bring in tens of thousands of dollars in revenue for my business for years to come! I cannot recommend The Course Alchemists enough for anyone who wants to create a really powerful and high-quality course for their business.”

Embed code for testimonial:

And we didn’t stop there

How do these spellbinding bonuses sound?

When it’s time to turn your magical course into literal gold (aka major PayPal and Stripe notifications), we’ve got you covered. From pricing your course to turning cold leads into sales, plus a ton of high-converting strategies for scaling and evergreening your program, this module has everything you need to make serious bank from your course.

bonus module

The Launch Cauldron

Spending ALL this time creating doesn’t just have to be for those who buy your course. I’ll show you how you can use your course content to generate more free and paid content, so you can attract more leads and grow your impact (and revenue) without jeopardizing the value of your course.

bonus training

Repurpose Your Course

Want to bring more innovation and creativity to your course? In this module, I’ll show you how to bring gamification and interaction to your program so you can further delight your learners and make them LOVE working their way through your content.

bonus training

Gamify Your Program

For all of my service providers and coaches out there, this bonus training covers everything you need to know about translating your skills into educating others. If you’re used to “doing” and aren’t sure how to translate your genius into a course, I guarantee you’ll have a solid course idea after going through my 7-step system.

bonus training

Shifting From Service Provider to Educator

As a course creator, a lot of people ask me what my favorite platform is. While there are so many options out there, Kajabi is one of our longtime favorites. I’ll show you exactly how to use it in your business and give you a free 14-day trial so you can see the magic for yourself.

bonus training

Bonus: Free Kajabi Trial + Training

Are you ready to turn your course idea into                      

Join The Course Alchemist today and get immediate access to your new secret elixir to creating courses that deliver extraordinary transformations and leave your clients spellbound. 

best value




1x payment




12x BI-WEEKLY payments

I’ve invested in a high-ticket program for course creators before, and it was overwhelming and complicated. Ariel’s course is focused, no-fluff, and delivers every essential aspect of putting a course together along with implementation tools. She guides you through creating your own FRAMEWORK which is huge and something I was stuck on for a long time.

“This course is focused and no-fluff”


Hey, Dreamer!                          

CEO of Dreampro, Creator of The Course Alchemist, Covered in dog hair

In case we haven't met yet, I’m pretty much the unicorn of the entrepreneurial space. I’m a course designer to six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs that could use a magical hand to design binge-worthy courses that make their clients come back for more.

I have a decade of experience designing jaw-dropping programs for Fortune 50 companies, non-profit organizations, small businesses, keynote speakers, and entrepreneurs in almost every single industry.

Which is all a very fancy way of saying that I’m an expert in helping you turn your genius ideas into profitable, dreamy courses.

That’s what I want for you. I want to show you the easier way to bring your ideas to the masses, so you can finally create the high-value, high-impact, highly-profitable course that I know you have inside that brain of yours.


If you’re looking to bring that kind of magic to your course, The Course Alchemist has all the elements you need. 

i'm ariel

I created The Course Alchemist to help everyday entrepreneurs (like YOU) transform their expertise into courses their audiences want to binge. Because I’m obsessed with seeing badass business owners show up with full confidence that they’ve created something truly transformational.

We mean it when we say The Course Alchemist is the only course creation program you’ll ever need. How are we so sure? Because it’s Dreampro Certified!  


The Course Alchemist Gets the Dreampro

certified seal of approval

Not only that, but we’ve intentionally designed The Course Alchemist to help YOU create a quality offer that meets the Dreampro Standards of Excellence — because the intention you put into your course has a direct impact on your revenue and your reputation as a business owner.

The Dreampro Certified Course Standards of Excellence:

An intuitive learner experience

Supportive & high-quality graphics

Inclusive for ALL learners

Sound instructional design

Like so many of us in the online space, I’ve taken my fair share of courses — some good, some bad, some downright terrible. I knew I didn’t want that to be the experience for any of my students!

I had taken enough courses to know what I like and don’t like, but I knew there would be things that fell through the cracks. I had created mini products before, but nothing I would feel confident selling at a higher price point.

 When I came across The Course Alchemist, it was exactly what I was looking for. It helped guide me through every step of the way and left no stone unturned. Not only do I feel like I created a high-value course, but the confidence I have in selling it is priceless.

“The Course Alchemist guided me through every step and left no stone unturned.”


Once you discover the essential elements of course creation, you will:

Create a course that you’re completely confident in and can’t wait to sell

Deliver incredible results and transformations for your learners

Get raving reviews and testimonials (without even having to ask for them)

Raise your prices and make more money from your incredible ideas

Increase your long term sales (not just a one-time cash injection at launch time)

It’s all waiting for you inside The Course Alchemist.


Create a truly signature course that people are excited to join and consume

You’re going to make some serious magic — and that’s a                          



When you join The Course Alchemist, you’re getting your hands on literally everything you need to create a solid, transformational course. In fact, we’re SO confident that we’ve given you an easy-to-follow, extremely actionable plan to create a course you feel 500% confident in that your investment comes with the Dreampro Money-Back Guarantee.

If you take The Course Alchemist from top to bottom and don’t end up with a course that you’re proud of, we’ll give you a full refund. 

If you can show us that you’ve taken all of the action we recommend and don’t have a course you love within 3 months of purchase, we wouldn’t feel comfortable keeping your money — plain and simple.

(But for the record? We haven’t had a refund request yet.)

Got Questions? 

I’ve got answers

Will The Course Alchemist really give me everything I need to create a course?

Will The Course Alchemist really give me everything I need to create a course?

Yep. The answer is that simple. 
At Dreampro, we’ve concocted an epic elixir for creating a truly transformational course. And now, we’ve bottled it up inside one mind-blowing program. In The Course Alchemist, we cover every single step of course creation — from ideation to outlining, market research to recording — without ever overwhelming you with BS fluff.

What about platforms, slides, and tech stuff?

What about platforms, slides, and tech stuff?

We. Cover. It. All!

Do you show me how to launch, market, and sell my course?

Do you show me how to launch, market, and sell my course?

We know the end goal is to make money, so we’re giving you an entire bonus module on launching and selling your course. BUT, this is not a launch course. Our priority is helping you create a course you’re confident in and that your learners love. Which is exactly why the core content of The Course Alchemist is focused on helping you create a truly transformational course. 

Will you teach me how to price my course?

Will you teach me how to price my course?

Yes! The Launch Cauldron bonus module includes our Course Pricing Tool which will help you come up with a no-brainer price for your course that also leaves you feeling fully compensated.

I honestly don’t know how to start turning my knowledge into a course. Will this help?

I honestly don’t know how to start turning my knowledge into a course. Will this help?

Absolutely. If you’ve never created a course before, or are pivoting from a service-based business, it can be tricky to know where to start. That’s why we’ve dedicated an entire module (Module 2) to helping you discover the best possible course for your business and where it belongs in your product suite.

I’ve never made a course before — can I still join?

I’ve never made a course before — can I still join?

Yep! You’re in great hands here, and The Course Alchemist will help you make sure your very first course delivers a real impact.

I already have a course. Will this help me make it better?

I already have a course. Will this help me make it better?

Yes! While not all modules will apply to you, The Course Alchemist will give you all the elements you need to take your existing course to the next level and make sure it meets the Dreampro Certified Course Standards of Excellence.

I’m brand new to business. Can I start with a course?

I’m brand new to business. Can I start with a course?

You bet. Both brand new and seasoned entrepreneurs are welcome in The Course Alchemist.

I’ve got limited time to commit. How long will it take me to create my course?

I’ve got limited time to commit. How long will it take me to create my course?

One of the things that makes The Course Alchemist so unique is that it’s guided by your schedule, not ours. Unlike a live program that gets dripped out over time, you get immediate access to the entire self-study course. We’ve even included a 6-week and a 3-month roadmap, so you can work your way through the course on your schedule.

Full disclosure: creating a course does take time and hard work. But The Course Alchemist promises to show you the easier, overwhelm-free way to put in that work, so you never have to second guess yourself or fall down the Google rabbit hole looking for answers.

What if I have questions?

What if I have questions?

We always want to make sure our learners have all the knowledge and tools they need to be successful, which is why we’ve included an evaluation form within the course where you can provide feedback. If you’re really feeling stuck, you can also reach out to us at and we’d be happy to help!

Can I hire you to create my course for me instead?

Can I hire you to create my course for me instead?

We’d love to work with you to create your course! Please note the investment for a full done-for-you package starts at $18,000 (which, to be totally honest, is what makes The Course Alchemist such a STEAL!) If you’d like to chat about working with the Dreampro team, please visit for more information.

You tell me, dreamer. Which sounds more like you?


“Is The Course Alchemist for me?”

We’re a magical combination if...

✔ You’re a business owner or entrepreneur who wants to create or update a digital course

✔ You want to serve more people and bring your ideas to the masses

✔ You give a shit about the quality of your products and the client experience you deliver

✔ You’re ready to put in the work to create a truly transformative course that delivers results and will make you long term sales

We’re not a good fit if...

✖ You just want to create a course as quickly as possible, even if it compromises quality

✖ You aren’t ready to put in the time + work it takes to create a solid course

✖ You don’t want courses in your product suite

✖ You already have an amazing, transformative course you love (like, what are you even doing here?)

We’ve got serious chemistry with

The Course Alchemist alum

You could have already made thousands of dollars

three months from now

from your new course

Not to mention you’d have an incredible program on your hands that you could sell over and over again for the lifetime of your business, with full confidence that it delivers real results.

Is it going to be a lot of work? Yep.
Is it going to be worth it? Hell yeah.
Let’s do this the easier way, shall we?