our mission:

To vastly improve the

in the online industry

of learning


to crappy courses

We are the antidote 

Online course horror stories are everywhere. Maybe you even have one of your own to tell; that program you invested in because you truly thought it would get you big results, only to be let down by surface-level content and absolutely zero implementation support.

And when you consider that the average course completion rate sits somewhere between 5 and 15%, it’s no wonder that business owners feel such an intense desire (and pressure) to do things differently.

But if you’ve come knocking on our virtual door, we’re willing to bet that you don’t care about “average”. And you’re in good company — because we don’t do “average” at Dreampro. (So feel free to throw those stats in the trash.)

If you want to create something

you're exactly in the right place.


You want to fully guide your learners with a course that gets them real results without them falling down the Google rabbit hole (or flooding your inbox) to get answers to all their burning questions

You want a program that positions you as an expert and that delivers the exact same quality someone can expect if they were learning from you in a one-on-one coaching call, in a luxurious boardroom, or from a keynote speech

You want to show up and sell your course with complete confidence knowing that it fully delivers on your biggest, boldest promises with ease

And you want someone you can fully trust to get you there, knowing that they have the dedication and expertise to bring your vision to life (and to triple check all of your blindspots)

We are THE first-choice course creation agency for entrepreneurs and business owners. And that’s not a statement we make lightly. 

We’re known for our ability to collaborate with our clients, develop a deep understanding of their vision, and turn their expertise into profitable, transformative programs — all while freeing up hundreds of hours of their precious time.

that "someone" is us

We don't mean to be

(actually yes we do) but...


That “someone” is us.

The number of courses we’ve helped bring to life

The percentage of clients who see a full ROI in their first 90 days

The number of experts on our diverse, women-led team at your disposal

here are the receipts

The average number of course creation hours we save our clients

course creation task you’ve been dreading?

YOu know that one

incredibly tedious 

The one that’s been sitting in the back of your mind, holding you back from even getting started? The one that you’re sure you could never outsource, because it has to be you who gets it done?

We’ll take care of that, too. 

Whether it’s…

Coming up with market research questions
Outlining your signature framework
Coming up with supplementary materials

We mean it when we say

We truly do it all. Seriously. 

we're here to guide you through

the course of your dreams.

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every single aspect of creating

we're the first choice

We’re one of the few agencies with a background in instructional design.

In fact, we were one of the first to bring instructional Design to the online business industry, and we pride ourselves in bringing an unparalleled level of expertise to our work.

course creation agency
for business owners 

there's a reason

Actually, there’s more than one. Here are just four:

We’re a team of highly specialized professionals.

Our team of Instructional Designers has a combined background in every core component of ID — from education and gamification to industrial and Organizational Psychology.

We bring together the perfect blend of function and aesthetics.

To deliver a stellar client experience, we’re committed to making sure that your course beautifully represents your brand while also delivering a seamless user experience. 

We’re obsessed with giving our clients the absolute best.

We understand the impact your course can have on your business, and why doing things right is so important to you. We truly love what we do, and work hard to ensure that comes through at every touchpoint. (And for the record, most of our business is built on referrals and repeat clients.) 

Where you may have seen us

Our Founders'


meet ariel schiffer

Ariel Schiffer

CEO & Founder of Dreampro


This isn’t another story about an online coach who created, launched, and sold one successful course before teaching others to do the same. I’ve been building courses my entire career.

After earning my M.A. in Industrial Organizational Psychology, I spent a decade in the corporate world designing jaw-dropping programs for Fortune 50 companies, non-profit organizations, small businesses, keynote speakers, and entrepreneurs in almost every single industry. We’re talking everything from healthcare to banking, luxury fashion to technology.

And when I decided it was finally time to become my own boss, a course creation agency wasn’t my first business idea. In fact, “Career Coach” was my path of choice. So I did what anyone would do — I invested in a course, thinking it would teach me what I needed to get things off the ground.

It was a 

A true dumpster fire.

shitty course

Navigating the content was impossible, the action items were incredibly unclear, and I almost immediately knew I wouldn’t see any results. 

So I took a large swig of merlot, said a little prayer, and told myself that no one would ever have to feel this way about their investment in a course ever again. Not if I had anything to do with it. 

The online industry was long overdue for some instructional design expertise, and I took it upon myself to be the person to make that formal introduction. And I haven’t looked back since.

Dreampro started as a one-woman show, landing clients through word of mouth and helping them revamp and create their online courses. But as demand grew like wildfire, I knew this had to be bigger than myself. And so, Dreampro became the fully-service course creation agency it is today.

As a business owner myself,

I know how insanely capable you are.

 I get it

But I also know that when you’re in your flow, doing work that lights you up on a daily basis, the last thing you want to do is add more to your plate and potentially F everything up. 

Put simply, you just don’t have the extra time or energy it takes to create a program you feel proud to sell and deliver.

I also know how precious your brand is to you, and that you couldn’t imagine handing over something as HUGE as your signature program to just anyone. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t trust the average agency with my multi-7-figure dreams, either.

You want things done right. You and I are the same that way. 

That’s why I’m so proud to have built an agency that I know delivers. Because as cheesy as it is to say, our clients’ success is so, so important to me.

I don’t want my team to help you create a course. I want to help you create THE signature program your brand deserves: one that makes you tons of cash, generates impactful results, and that feels like a true extension of your genius.

Proudly diverse. 

Proudly women-led.

When you bring together the best of the best, diversity naturally follows. Not only does our team bring a wide range of disciplines to our work, but we also come from many different walks of life.

Young and old, mothers and childless-by-choice, multi-faith and international; we are so proud to bring diverse perspectives to your course creation. Because creating a program that changes the world starts by bringing the world to your program creation.

Meet the

dream team

Operations & Project Management

We keep things running smoothly by overseeing all operations, projects, and timelines. (And no, that’s not a typo — there are two Ariels on our team. Serendipity? Perhaps. Pure awesome? Definitely.)


We craft compelling narratives that spotlight your course's unique strengths. From honing your course's voice to choosing the perfect channels, we ensure your program isn't just top-notch — it's top of mind. Digital marketing magic? Oh, absolutely.

Instructional Design

We turn your braindumps into high-quality curriculums. From program flow to supplementary resources, we make sure your learners have everything they need to be successful.

Graphic Design

We develop all of the visual aspects of your programs; from course logos and brand identity to the small touches that never go unnoticed.

Course Technology

We upload all of your materials, figure out the automations, and ensure your program works seamlessly (and looks beautiful at the same time). Tech savvy is an understatement.

Whether you want to fully hand over every aspect of your course creation — from your market research to your branding and delivery (yep, we do that) — or you’re looking for expert insight into what curriculum updates you can make on your own, we’ve got you covered.

Ready to find out more?

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From the true ROI of working with us to tips for an effortless course launch, our CEO and founder Ariel Schiffer is spilling all most of our secrets.

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