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we’ll bring literally

everything else

If you have a dream of transforming lives, delivering a wide-reaching impact, and generating true passive income for your business, then it’s time to place that dream in the hands of experts who can get you there.



We'll bring the rest

We'll bring the rest


If you already know that Dreampro is the course creation partner you’ve been searching for (we love that big decision-making-CEO energy), sign up below to access our packages + pricing brochure, and let’s get this party started.

“I’m already convinced, just tell me what’s next!”

35% of course creators


 reported it took them 6 months or longer to create their course

Look, you don’t need us to tell you that your time is valuable. As the CEO of your business, you already know that. 

In fact, you probably took one look at that stat and immediately thought about all the other things you’d rather spend 6 months doing — things far more worth your time than outlining lessons or making sure your slides look on-brand.

And even though you may have a stellar team behind you, their support is instrumental in keeping your business running. Adding more to their plate just isn’t something you’re willing to do.

Which is why your reason for landing in our little corner of the internet goes far beyond a desire to save yourself time.

according to a survey...

according to a survey...

You’re here because…

You want to do things right, instead of piecemealing a course together only to revisit it in six to twelve months

You want to do it fast and you know how hard it can be to take action on your bold ideas when you’re in it alone (and wearing multiple hats)

You care about delivering transformations for your students and want to make sure they can achieve their desired results without you having to hold their hand

You care about quality and want the same care, attention, and excellence you pour into the rest of your brand to come through in your programs

You appreciate expert input and want someone you can trust to identify your blindspots, fill those gaps, and help you create something you feel proud to sell and deliver

You’ve seen the state of the online course industry (helloooo crappy courses that deliver zero tangible results) and you’re determined to do things differently

You’re here because…

You’re here because…

you're exaclty our kind of people

you’re exactly our

And frankly,

 kind of people

We’ve seen the quality of learning in the online business industry, too, and we’re on a mission to shake things up. 

Which is why we want to do SO much more than protect your time. (Though, for the record, we save our clients an average of 100+ hours of course creation time per project.)

We want to help you create an innovative, deeply transformative signature program that has you shouting from the rooftops. (Preferably a high-end rooftop bar, cold glass of champagne in hand as you celebrate all the passive income you’re making.)



Here’s what you can expect from working with us.

Direct access to a diverse team of experts

As a full-service agency, we have curated a team of highly-specialized professionals. In other words, when you work with Dreampro, you won’t have a jack-of-all-trades virtual assistant designing your graphics, and you won’t be getting marketing advice from a course tech expert. 

Not only do our Instructional Designers have a combined background in every core component of ID, but we also bring together a group of creatives, tech experts, marketers, and more to ensure you’re getting the best of the best, every step of the way.

Instructional design best practices

We are one of the few course creation agencies that have a solid foundation in instructional Design. We didn’t learn how to create results-oriented courses by figuring it out on our own; we’ve studied and practiced it in depth.

From education and gamification to industrial and organizational psychology, we know exactly how to translate instructional design best practices to the online business world, to help you create a program that your students love.

Remarkable design, functionality, and flow

We know how important it is to you that your program be a true reflection of your bigger brand. That’s why we bring together the perfect blend of function and aesthetics when it comes to building out your course.

Style and user experience are both priorities for us. Not only will we make sure your course contents are beautiful and on-brand, but we’ll also keep things fully functional for your learner — because you shouldn’t have to compromise one for the other. 

The Dreampro stamp of approval

Your buyers deserve to know that you developed this program with excellence in mind, even before they see the course dashboard. That’s why, at the end of our time together, your program will be officially Dreampro Certified. 

As part of the offboarding process, we’ll provide you with a visual and written representation of our certification which you can then share on your sales page and in your marketing collateral.

A five-star client experience

A five-star client


Whether we work together for months or just for a single day, each and every Dreampro client gets the full VIP experience. We are truly passionate about the work that we do, and we work hard to make sure that you feel taken care of at every touchpoint.
As a Dreampro client, you’ll get a designated “pod” — a handpicked selection of team members who we consider to be the best fit to bring your course dream to life. And yes, the rumors are true — we do sneak in some gifts and goodies along the way.

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there's no such thing as too niche

To us, there’s no such thing as 

too niche

Just some of the industries we’ve served to date include:




online service

you're in good company

Ways to

work with us


The Curriculum


The Audit

We will develop your new course’s learning strategy and curriculum for you or your team to implement.

We will audit your existing course and provide you with instructional design recommendations for program optimization.

The Course Package

Whether you’re launching a brand new course or you want to take that tried-and-tested program and make it the innovative, five-star quality experience you know it can be, we’ll help you outline, develop, and execute the course of your dreams.

From market research to full course development, program branding to getting everything online, together we’ll create a program that blows your students away from the moment they see the course dashboard.


For the business owner whose  ready for a                                          

next-level program

For the entrepreneur who has                           course creation projects


You’re the “take-it-all-off-my-plate” CEO who wants to maximize their investment by handing over every last detail. You’re all about focusing on what you do best and prioritizing R&R (while we focus on bringing your vision to life and prioritizing ROI).

You don’t only want to create an incredible, innovative program. Your project might be unique in scope or if you have multiple projects that you would like for us to work on, such as creating various types of courses and learning experiences for your education platform.


The Retainer Package

A little taste of

what we do

Tara came to us to specifically build her Million Dollar Course - The program she wants to scale as the cornerstone of her brand. So we said- let's go!

Tara also came to us with 500 sticky notes and flip charts. We turned her vision and ideas into a program that delivers the depth of content that she was looking for balanced with concise, to-the-point, course content and resources.

Tara took advantage of The Course Package to go from sticky notes to surpassing expectations. 



Client Name:

Tara Paton

Name of program:

positioned to profit

What we did:

Working with Ariel and the team has been the best investment that I had made into my business to date. Hands down, the best investment because it also allows me to show up confidently knowing that I have a legit program, designed by legit instructional designers that my clients are going to love and enjoy and actually complete.

In their words:

Client Feedback:

"[This program] has definitely exceeded my expectations. I honestly thought it was another one of those companies that brags about all their accomplishments and the stars they have worked with but teach nothing at all, but I am happy I was wrong!"

"[This program] has definitely exceeded. I didn't realize how much structure and strategic thinking was lacking behind my marketing until this program made us strip everything back and build on that. I love the course!"

Jordan Gill of Systems Saved Me came to us wanting to make her already extraordinary program even better. She had a lot of great feedback from previous clients and wanted to implement this feedback in addition to also getting her program audited to identify any other gaps or opportunities.

Jordan took advantage of The Course Package to bring her program to the next level. 


Client Name:

Jordan Gill

Name of program:

The Done In a Day™ 

What we did:

"I wanted somebody who had a completely new lens so I can have them go through with a fresh perspective. I wanted them to be critical, clean it up, and create the absolute best dream experience for my current and new students. We [now] have way less questions coming in and our students feel way more supported!"

In their words:

Client Feedback:

"I really like the actionable videos and the playbooks with submission for feedback. I like the organization of the program and additional items that came to support the success in the guest box."

"Whenever there are tasks or homework assignments at the end of modules in courses I definitely pay attention more, but the fact that we have the opportunity to have it reviewed with a video was a major selling point to me when I was considering enrolling (and one I talk about often with others who are considering joining)."

Use the form below to access our packages + pricing brochure and to start the conversation.

Ready to find out more?

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can we start?

We are typically booked out 1-2 months ahead of time. During our initial consult call, a member of our team will let you know more about our internal creative process and our availability. Your start date can be secured once your contract has been signed and your first payment secured. 

Can I book my project in advance?

Yes! It is typical for clients to book a few months in advance to secure a spot.

How long does it take to create a course?

Our course design process is a four-phased approach that takes 10-13 weeks, on average. Depending on course size and length, this can be shorter or longer than the average. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We have payment plans for all of our packages, from 2 months to 12 months depending on the chosen package.

What course platforms do you work with?

We have worked with clients on almost all of the typical course platforms. Kajabi, Kartra, Membervault, Thinkific, Teachable, Xperiencify… you name it, we’ve probably done it! If you have a course platform you would like to use that we haven’t yet worked on, we will take the time to learn it and use it for your program. If you do not yet know which platform you would like to host your course on, we will provide our recommendation for you based on your program and business needs; however, at the end of the day, it’s up to you to make the best decision for you and your business. (And to be honest? There is no “perfect” platform. But we can still help you make that choice!)

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